About me

I’m Chafik Gharbi. I live in Algiers. I’m an engineer, web developer, and sometimes football player!

I started the IT journey 10 years ago because I have always had that enthusiasm to build things that help people and change their lives. I thought it was fed by doing engineering, but I quickly returned to the IT world after graduating.

Okay, what you did?

I worked for fun on many projects with C++, PHP, JQuery, MySQL.

The very first project I made was feedux.com a social media platforme with a built-in external news feed crawlers. Now the domain name worth 1895$ lol.

I made a file compress system with c++. It didn’t work and I ended up making a song to image converter and vice-versa. Don’t panic it was just nonsense colored image!

I made a WordPress theme called Plume that toke me 4 months of development and many hard rejections from the Envato market, I got a soft rejection once but I canceled to focus on other projects.

I started freelancing for companies and individuals, from designing and developing WordPress websites to large-scale web applications using Laravel and Vue.js.

Why do you blog?

I began this blog 3 months ago to write tutorials and tips about web development, as I’m constantly learning and doing research about this latter. I believe that the best way to learn more about something is to teach it to someone else.

This blog is hosted by Netlify and runs with Gatsby

How can I contact you?

Email: chafik@brainiac.dz

Twitter: @gharbichafik